Temple Enhancement

  • 1 hour
  • 650 British pounds
  • Marylebone

Service Description

Dermal filler treatments in the temples and brows can make a very significant contribution to keeping the face well-proportioned and youthful. At Halcyon aesthetics in we love treating the temples with fillers – it is a great way to rejuvenate the upper face especially in patients who are lean or with volume loss in the temples. Several changes occur in the face with ageing apart from just sagging of the skin. The skull bone actually reduces in size, whereas the skin doesn’t. This results in several changes, including sagging of the skin as it no longer is as well supported by the underlying bone. Bone loss also results in hollowing of the temple region and the area above the eyebrows. This effect results in the eyebrows dropping down. Together with reduced collagen formation, the upper eyelid becomes heavy and droops.

Contact Details

  • Halcyon Aesthetics, Hinde Street, London, UK