Say goodbye to pigmentation and melasma painlessly!

Updated: Jan 6

One word sums up the Award Winning No Touch Laser, Aerolase Neo, and that is WOW! My skin has never felt so soft, clear and is literally glowing! Not only that, the makeup (the little that I apply now), glides onto my skin with ease. My pores are significantly smaller and I feel as though I have had an airbrush effect on my face. Yes, a filter-less airbrush!

I am a bit of a sceptic when it comes to lasers or treatments that say that they can literally ‘do it all’, I mean it’s impossible, right? Well no it isn’t ! Step forward Aerolase Neo! The Aerolase is an American-developed device that has a patented short pulse (300-650 microseconds), allowing it to deliver highly effective results with minimal downtime. The cosmetic treatments are contactless, which means they deliver the laser treatment without touching the Aerolase device to the skin. This offers a more hygienic and comfortable experience and it’s honestly pain-free. The only thing that you can feel (if any) is a slight pinch, nothing that requires numbing.

I have suffered for many years with pigmentation that just didn’t seem to go, and I have tried literally everything! It was getting to the point that in the summer I would go out in a full face of makeup just to cover up the dark spots on my face, as it made me feel super self-conscious.

A friend of mine introduced me to Aerolase, and at first, i was a bit hesitant, a laser that is painless and does it all? Erm … I don’t think so.

During my treatment, my skin was thoroughly cleansed and then then the Aesthetician began the treatment which was super quick! I could honestly say that the treatment for my full face lasted around 30 minutes. A great treatment to have if you are on the go. After the first treatment I could say some of the areas of my face with pigments were fading and then by the 4th they had literally disappeared! I do have a few stubborn parts on my chin, but I was assured these too will go in the next couple of treatments. I’m simply delighted with my skin and I feel as confident as ever!

My results have been spectacular and not only has my pigmentation dramatically reduced, but my skin feels softer, I have less open pores and the bits of peach fuzz hair I had is gone too! That is because Aerolase is great for hair removal as well as addressing:

• Acne

• Melasma (skin discolouration)

• Psoriasis

• Rosacea and redness

• Warts

• Bruises

• Spider veins

• Angiomas

• Cutaneous, vascular, and pigmented lesions

​• Skin Rejuvenation and tightening

I am super happy with my treatment and I can highly recommend it!


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