Everything you need to know about EMsculpt Neo

The latest celebrity best-kept secret, EMsculpt Neo is available at our aesthetic clinic in Marylebone, London. The EMsculpt Neo is one of the best-advanced body contouring treatments on the market. It is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that combines 2 energies for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building.

Did you know that one session is equivalent to 20,000 manual crunches or squats? EMsculpt Neo uses a combination of electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency to promote amazing results.

EMsculpt Neo isn’t painful either and one of the best treatments for strengthening the muscles, including the core, arms and legs, while simultaneously reducing fat on the body.

Sessions last around 30 minutes and can be completed in your lunch break! It’s a safe non-invasive treatment that has been approved by the FDA for fat loss and muscle building with clinically verified results.

It is perfect for those wanting results without having to undergo invasive surgery.

How does EMsculpt Neo actually work?

The treatment delivers electromagnetic energy to the skin. This High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM+) makes muscles contract to promote muscle growth without any effort from the patient. These contractions are more intense than the ones your body goes through during a normal workout so the EMsculpt is able to produce very pleasing results. Muscle volume is increased during treatment as a result of the intensity.

EMSculpt Neo goes further by delivering radiofrequency (RF) heat energy too. Muscle temperature rises as a result of this process and acts like a typical warm-up, like you’d do before exercising. The high temperature then causes subcutaneous fat cells to break down.

The EMsculpt Neo also has skin tightening benefits and improves skin laxity through the radiofrequency process.

When exposed to supramaximal contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such extreme conditions. It responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and fat burning.

What areas can be treated with the EMsculpt Neo?

EMSculpt Neo has been FDA-approved for use on a number of areas, including the abdomen, arms (both biceps and triceps), buttocks, and legs.

Who is suitable for an EMsculpt Neo treatment?

EMsculpt is suitable for all patients wanting to target hard-to-budge fat whilst building muscle. The treatment is suitable for those who have hard to shift fat despite trying through diet and exercise. Those who want less fat and more muscle are invited to attend a complimentary consultation with our team here in London. The treatment is suitable for both men and women.

Is the treatment painful?

EMsculpt Neo is a painless non-invasive treatment. Patients will feel intense muscle contractions during the treatment, but the heating sensation from the radiofrequency will feel relaxing.

How does the EMsculpt Neo reduce fat?

Fat reduction from EMSculpt Neo is driven primarily by the technology’s advanced radiofrequency energy, which heats up subcutaneous fat cells upon application. When temperatures reach between 42-44°C, the fat cells are broken down and destroyed, before the body naturally disposes of these over time. This process results in a 30% reduction in fat, with many patients reporting up to a 1.5-inch average loss in waistline measurements after 4 EMSculpt Neo treatments.

Does EMsculpt Neo require any downtime?

EMSculpt Neo is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment and requires no downtime. Furthermore, patients are not required to prepare before treatment. You can return to work immediately following the treatment.

Will I be able to build muscle?

The EMsculpt Neo technology has been clinically tested for safety and efficacy by seven clinical studies, which have proven its muscle-building efficacy. The end result is more fat reduction and muscle growth than any single gold standard procedure, for less time and less money.

How much fat will I lose?

EMSCULPT NEO showed consistency in eliminating fat and building muscle. On average, patients will be able to enjoy 25% more muscle and 30% less fat. The data represents the average results of 3 EMSCULPT NEO’s clinical studies.

Where is the best place for an EMsculpt Neo treatment near me?

Our clinic in Marylebone, London specialises in non-surgical body contouring treatments. For a complimentary consultation, click here.

Do you have any before and after photographs of the EMsculpt Neo?

Yes, here are some EMsculpt Neo before and after pictures:

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