Nefertiti Neck Rejuvenation- To smoothen, hydrate and tighten lax neck skin.

As we age, our skin loses collagen and elastin.Visible platysmal bands, sagging, loose skin, excess fat and neck bands are an unfortunate byproduct of age. With the progress Aesthetic Medicine has made in recent years, Dr OBT has weaved together an anti-aging, all-youth-encompassing Nefertiti Neck Rejuvenation Protocol involving a bespoke combination of the following:
Ultracel HIFU Q+
Anti-wrinkle injections
Celluma LED Therapy
Dermal Fillers
PRP Therapy
Medically Prescribed Skincare
Treatment Time
Varies, not more than 1 hour


Visible immediately and last up to 1 year


Topical anaesthetic (depends on treatment plan)


Varies per client, as each client would require a bespoke, customised Nefertiti Neck Rejuvenation Plan. It’s best to book a consultation with Dr OBT, so he can prescribe the necessary treatment route.

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