Lip Beautification

To plump, soften and beautify lips, bringing out that plush, natural pigment.

A lip rejuvenating treatment designed to hydrate, improve tone, texture and restore pigment to your lips. With Dr OBT’s Lip Beautification, clients will be prescribed a number of treatments such as Lip Fillers, aka Dr OBT’s renowned Angel Lips, in order to hydrate your lips with a natural glow and plump.

Rid fine lines around your lips with PRP therapy. The results of this method last much longer than conventional methods because they stimulate natural collagen production. PRP follows for catalysing the rejuvenation process. Hydradermabrasion to exfoliate and hydrate. This exfoliating and hydrating technique serves to remove impurities while also delivering deep cleansing, exfoliating, and antioxidant serums into the lips. This will significantly help with improving the tone and texture of your lips.

Lasers for lip lightening. Laser treatment is an advanced option for lip lightening. Achieve desirable, soft, pink lips with ease, via this method that uses light to deeply penetrate into the skin and stimulate new cells at the same time to get rid of damaged older skin cells. It exfoliates the skin deeply and removes pigment through fractional technology. It is a
noninvasive, safe and painless procedure.

Treatment Time

Varies, not more than 1 hour


Visible immediately and last up to 1 year


Topical anaesthetic (depends on treatment plan)


Varies per client, as each client would require a bespoke, customised Nefertiti Neck Rejuvenation Plan. It’s best to book a consultation with Dr OBT, so he can prescribe the necessary treatment route.

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