Halcyon Ultracel HIFU Q+

The ULTRAcel Q+ is a non-surgical face lifting and body contouring HIFU system that offers the fastest treatment time on the market. The ULTRacel Q+ can be used to rejuvenate skin, contour, lift and tighten skin on the face and body.

Ultracel Q+ HIFU is the fastest HIFU in the world.

UltracelQ + is not only very effective for lifting the skin in depth and SMAS (the superficial muscle band) which previously could only be treated with surgical lifting. The advantage is that of a treatment without scars, hematomas, bandages and the typical troubles of a surgical intervention.

The Linear cartridge gives a more visible result on the Smas lifting and on the contouring of the face in a very comfortable way and is able to stimulate the production of new collagen in a more incisive way. The patient will not have to postpone any commitment, moreover she acts in the districts on which the fillers cannot be used successfully and lifta without distorting the features.

Number of Sessions

  • 1-3 sessions, or as advised by the doctor

Treatment Time

  • 10-15 Minutes

Downtime/Back to Work

  • Mild swelling, redness. Can go to work immediately


  • Instant, and the increase in collagen and elastin over 90-120 days means that the final results show at the 4th month, and results last upto 1 year, Multiple sessions can be advised by the doctor, depending upon severity of skin laxity.

Side Effects

  • Mild tenderness, redness or swelling for 24-48 hours

When to Expect Results

  • Over 3-4 months


  • Full Face Single: £1500
  • Course of 2 sessions: £2500
  • Lower Face- Jawline and Neck Single: £1200
  • Course of 2 sessions: £2000
  • Décolletage Single: £1000
  • Course of 2:sessions: £1500

Company reg: Halcyon Aesthetics Limited 12390316. The Halcyon Aesthetics Limited is owned by Dr Osman Bashir Tahir 12390316