Aerolase Neo-Clear No-Touch Laser

NeoClear is an acne treatment solution by Aerolase. Using 650 Microsecond Technology, NeoClear offers a practical approach to acne therapy that addresses even the most problematic conditions. The versatile laser treatment system safely treats any skin type and is appropriate for patients of any age.

The unique laser technology of NeoClear Aerolase delivers gentle, yet powerful energy directly to the targeted area of the skin. The laser destroys acne bacteria and reduces inflammation. By controlling a case of active acne, NeoClear Aerolase can inhibit sebum and oil output, minimizing the chance of any future breakouts. The added benefit is the technology’s ability to stimulate the generation of new collagen, which will help diminish the appearance of any scarring resulting from the acne breakout.

Number of Sessions

  • Vary, depending on treatment, between 1-8 sessions

Treatment Time

  • 15-30 Minutes

Back to Work

  • Same day

Results Last

  • Long lasting, depends on cause and treatment. Maintenance may be involved

When Can I See Results?

  • Depends on treatment, mostly will notice instant results, others will take 2-3 weeks


  • Spots and congested skin- Single Session: £280
    Course of 4 appointments: £1000
  • Hyperpigmentation – Single Session: £280
    Course of 4 appointments: £1000
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening – Single Session: £280
    Course 4 appointments: £1000
  • Facial Redness/ Facial Flushing- Single Session:  £280
    Course of 4 appointments: £1000

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