Face Sculpt by OBT – for a chiseled , and defined face.

Craving a chiselled, snatched jawline, defined cheekbones and luscious lips? Dr OBT’s famous Face Sculpt is the one for you. With a face sculpt, Dr OBT assesses the entire face as a whole, before recommending the ideal amount of filler needed for each area.
Treatments included in the Face Sculpt Package:
Masseter Reduction
Jawline Filler
Cheek Fillers
Angel Lips
Liquid Rhinoplasty
Chin Filler
Marionette Lines
Nasolabial Folds
Tear Troughs

Dr OBT’s Face Sculpt includes profile harmonisation, a key method in achieving the perfect side profile. Dr OBT sculpts each client in the most bespoke manner, and collectively re-harmonises the nose, lips, jawline and chin. Dermal fillers are used to enhance balance across the face, with Dr OBT adding filler to all 4 areas.

The end result is the perfect, well-balanced profile that’ll have you addicted to taking selfies all day long.

Treatment Time

45-60 minutes


Visible immediately and last 6 months to a year.


Topical anaesthetic


Varies per client, as each client would need a different amount of filler to achieve their desired result. Please book a consultation with Dr OBT, so he can assess the ideal amount of filler required for optimal results.
0.5 ml: £250
1 ml: £350
Additional ml: £300

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