Emsculpt Neo is the first-ever, new age technology to combine two body-contouring procedures: fat removal and muscle toning – into a single non-surgical treatment that takes 30 minutes to complete. While the original Emaculpt uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate high frequency and intense muscle contractions at the nerve root, its successor has introduced Radio Frequency heating to stimulate long-lasting fat removal.

This phenomenal combination introduces a stronger muscle contraction that is not possible through simply exercise. Unwanted, excess fat cells are destroyed and soon eliminated through your body’s natural processes. Optimal results are visible in around 3 months.

Number of Sessions

  • Between 4-6 sessions, 4-7 days apart, or as advised by the doctor

Treatment Time

  • Abdomen and buttocks: 30 Minutes
  • Arms and calves: 20 Minutes


  • For abdominal fat reduction and muscle toning
  • For buttock toning
  • For Arms and Calves muscle toning

Downtime/Back to Work

  • None, you can go back to work immediately


  • Depends upon a number of factors, you can see improvement straight away, and over the following 2 weeks upto 1 month after your sessions

Side Effects

  • None to mild tenderness

When to Expect Results

  • 2-6 weeks on average


  • Abdomen: £850
    Course of 4 appointments: £3,300
  • Buttock:£850
    Course of 4 appointments: £3,300

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