Angel Lips by OBT- A bespoke lip rejuvenation treatment for either plump, defined or hydrated lips.

Angel Lips are Dr OBT’s signature trademark for plush, plump, hydrated lips. If you’re feeling conscious over your lips, or simply wish to add a bit of luscious volume, then Dr OBT is here to carefully assess a bespoke lip shape for you. Injected solely by Dr OBT, who radiates in 18 years experience, get ready to walk out in confidence with beautiful Angel lips. Dr OBT offers a variety of beautiful shapes, and caters to what you desire. During the consultation, you will discuss the procedure and desired results.

Achieved through dermal fillers, Angel Lips is a non-surgical treatment that usually begins between 0.5 – 1 ml, depending solely on client’s wishes ( and Dr OBT’s professional opinion), followed by a touch-up session in 2 weeks.

Treatment Time

30 minutes


Visible immediately and last 6 months to a year.


Topical anaesthetic


0.5 ml: £250
1 ml: £350

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